We're still working out the kinks here.  A new topic has been promoted to the topic of the week thanks to its growing discussion.  Help weigh in on whether or not Nightwing needs a stronger rogues gallery here!

See you there.


The Batman and Sons link has been fixed.  Sorry about that!


Hey everyone!  Today we added a new link to a fan created we comic, Batman and Sons.  We also added a new Nightwing sketch done by Mike Lily in the images section


New Nightwing (and other related) DC trades.  Click.  See.  Discuss.


If you're a Nightwing fan, (Why wouldn't you be?) then you know about Bludhaven the city down river from Gotham.  You may also know what happened there.  Well, you can now think of this very site as Nightwing's new home (hence the name).

We're just getting started around here but expect regular timely updates (probably bi-weekly to start).  For now, why not take a look at the reviews page here.  It should be particularly interesting for Azrael fans