We have added new reviews from SirK_to_You in the review section.  Check it out HERE.

We've also added an small teaser from John Westcott's original work, the Centurian, HERE.

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We found a new comic book news website, World of Superheroes, and linked to it HERE

Blaquesaber has also posted a review to an old Nightwing appearance, Justice League Task Force #1-3 HERE!


So today we did some updating to the images section.  Check out the new additions HERE.

We also have a new topic of the week, Green Lantern #41!  Discuss it HERE.

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A new week means new updates to the website.  Today we made discussion about Battle for the Cowl #3 the topic of the week.

We also added some pictures of 78t-topps custom toys (3 Nightwing and 1 Red Hood).  Check them out in our images section!



Our review section has been updated with Sirk's take on Azrael #3.  Check it out here!

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Hello everyone

We got a new topic of the week, a custom toy line designed by Nightwing fan 78t-tops.  Check it out here.

You'll also want to visit the wiki and get info on Nightwing's vehicles.


If you're interested in reading fan fiction and original stories about the Bat-family, check out the latest update!  It's called The Way Back.


This week's topic has been selected and is open for discussion here!


I want to start out by saying thanks to everyone who's been here to the NW Fan Club, taken a look at the site, and given us feedback.  Please, keep it coming, we want this to be a site for the fans by the fans.  We value you're opinions.

This week we've put up a review of ORACLE: The Cure #2 as well as a new site header.  What do you think?  Like it?  Hate it?  Wish we'd just leave well enough alone?  Send us a "Signal" will ya?

If you'd like to make a header for the site drop us a line and we can fill you in on the few requirements. We'd love to put a piece of your artwork here on the site.


Updates have been made to the Nightwing Wiki.  We now have added Lady Vic on the Enemies page.  We also started adding content to the Affiliations page.  Enjoy and let us know if there's anything you'd like to see on the forum!