The convention is about halfway over by now.  DC has had a number of panels, and given fans a lot of news.  Their Batman panel was held last night.  A number of current forum members were not happy with the lack of Dick Grayson news (as well as the continued quips about killing him).  Tell us your thoughts HERE.
Hello Wing-nuts!

Currently on the forum you can find discussion on a number of topics.  You can discuss the new DC Teaser Image HERE

We're also picking over Batman and Robin #13 HERE.  One interesting theory - is the Joker that Dick Grayson is talking to actually Jason Todd???

Discuss the new Bat book line up with us HERE

And of course this weekend is SDCC!  Help us keep track of news HERE
Evolution and change happen in every media.  DC Comics put their application up not that long ago.  Did you download it?  Are you using it?  Is this the future of comics?  Share your thoughts HERE!
This arc ties into the return of Bruce Wayne!  It promises the death of Batman and Robin!  Will Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne die at the hands of Dr. Hurt?  Will this be Dick Grayson's finest hour?  Weigh in and share your thoughts on Batman and Robin #13 HERE