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Unrehearsable by Dragonbat
You know time comes when a wise man knows the best thing
That he can do is just look [him] up in the eye
And beg for mercy and face the bitter truth

—Lee Roy Parnell, Tony Haselden, "That's My Story"

Thanks to Kathy, Xenith, and PJ for the beta. Thanks to Debbie and PJ for help with the Outsiders and GL, this time out.

"That's My Story" written by Lee Roy Parnell and Tony Haselden. Recorded by Colin Raye on his Extremes album (Epic, 1994).

Chapter 6: Bitter Truths

Maury Chiarello checked over his interview notes one more time. He hadn't been lying earlier. Wayne was definitely not what he'd been expecting...

He'd been a young officer working in the Property Crimes unit when Batman had first appeared on the scene. While he'd never met the vigilante face to face, he hadn't missed the sharp upswing in the number of injuries inflicted on suspected perpetrators. At first, he'd assumed that some of the more volatile among his police brethren—and Gotham had had more than its fair share of those back in the day—had been a bit overeager to secure a confession and had concocted some shadowy "Batman" to cover themselves. That idea had lasted until the day Maury had found himself walking past Commissioner Loeb's office, only to see a thin cloud of vapor rising from a crack under the closed door.

Concerned, Maury had pulled the door open to find the room filled with tear gas. Loeb had been coughing as a menacing voice had snarled, "Stop trying to pin the Tolliver fiasco on Gordon. Or the next time I pay you a visit, I'll be a lot less... restrained."