I want to start out by saying thanks to everyone who's been here to the NW Fan Club, taken a look at the site, and given us feedback.  Please, keep it coming, we want this to be a site for the fans by the fans.  We value you're opinions.

This week we've put up a review of ORACLE: The Cure #2 as well as a new site header.  What do you think?  Like it?  Hate it?  Wish we'd just leave well enough alone?  Send us a "Signal" will ya?

If you'd like to make a header for the site drop us a line and we can fill you in on the few requirements. We'd love to put a piece of your artwork here on the site.


If you're a Nightwing fan, (Why wouldn't you be?) then you know about Bludhaven the city down river from Gotham.  You may also know what happened there.  Well, you can now think of this very site as Nightwing's new home (hence the name).

We're just getting started around here but expect regular timely updates (probably bi-weekly to start).  For now, why not take a look at the reviews page here.  It should be particularly interesting for Azrael fans